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Google Feature Snippet for library discovery services

An article from Library Technical Launchpad is currently a Google featured Snippet. A Google search for “library discovery services” (without the quotes) returns about 324 million results. However, the featured snippet at the top of the results page displays an excerpt from, and link to, our Discovery Services: Basics and Resources article, one of nine articles currently in the Basics and Resources Series.

One always hopes to place websites or webpages on the first or second page of Google search results. But to be the featured snippet was beyond expectations. Hopefully this inclusion indicates a high search ranking for the Library Technology Launchpad site as a whole. Most important, as always, is that the site proves useful for its readers.

Library Technology Launchpad Celebrates Six Years

Library Technology LaunchpadToday Library Technology Launchpad celebrates the six-year anniversary since its launch on November 1, 2011.  The site was originally located at but in 2015 it moved to its own domain (although it still runs on WordPress).

In the early days we posted more frequent library technology news items and in the coming year we hope to get back to that practice.

Since the relaunch in 2015, we have featured our Basics and Resources Series.  We will continue this series with future articles on COUNTER, OpenURL, and electronic resource acquisition models.

We are also compiling the most comprehensive (yet concise) list of Library Technology Acronyms.  Bookmark that page for a quick look-up of common library technology acronyms and their meanings.

Finally, we will continue to follow trends in library technology and promote Open Access whether it is library platforms (such as FOLIO), institutional repositories, open access journals, or open educational resources.

In that respect, Library Technology Launchpad is doing its small part by serving as an open access “journal” in providing open access articles on library technology topics.  Before starting this website, I considered writing and submitting articles to the traditional library (read: subscription) journals.  Instead, I decided to publish my own articles in an easily accessible blog format.

It’s been a fun and fulfilling six years.  I’m looking forward to the next six.

A Call for Contributors

Writing iconWith the relaunch of Library Technology Launchpad in October, it was always the intention to have several writers.  While I have a varying degree of knowledge in many areas of library technology, I am not an expert in all of them.  Nor can I hope to be.

As 2015 ends and we start a new year, Library Technology Launchpad is ready for an active year.  That means more writers.

This is a call for contributors!

If you are a librarian involved with library technology or any of the topics we cover such as library UX, online resources, open access, scholarly communication, or social media, consider becoming a contributor.

Blog posts are a great way to share your knowledge in a shorter, less formal way than journal articles.  Also, they allow publishing in a more timely manner than monthly or quarterly publications.

So if this sounds compelling, please contact us for more information.

Welcome to Library Technology Launchpad Version 2

Welcome to Library Technology Launchpad version 2!

We have updated and relaunched the website.  Watch for new content coming soon.  You can also follow us on social media.

What is Library Technology Launchpad?

Here we’ll cover technology relevant to librarians and libraries. Covered topics will include:

  • Links to library technology news
  • eBook purchasing and subscription trends
  • Mobile library websites and eReader apps
  • Online information resources
  • Social media and libraries
  • Library user experience (UX)
  • Cloud computing for libraries
  • Institutional repositories ans scholarly communication
  • Research data management
  • Search engine tips and tricks
  • Useful general technology information

My name is James Day and I am the Electronic Services Librarian at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  My background is in engineering and libraries and I also have experience in web development and social networks.  I strive to keep up with the latest technology and trends, especially when applicable to libraries and reading.

If you are a technical librarian with good writing skills and a desire to share your knowledge, consider becoming a contributor.  Contact us for more information.