A Call for Contributors

Writing iconWith the relaunch of Library Technology Launchpad in October, it was always the intention to have several writers.  While I have a varying degree of knowledge in many areas of library technology, I am not an expert in all of them.  Nor can I hope to be.

As 2015 ends and we start a new year, Library Technology Launchpad is ready for an active year.  That means more writers.

This is a call for contributors!

If you are a librarian involved with library technology or any of the topics we cover such as library UX, online resources, open access, scholarly communication, or social media, consider becoming a contributor.

Blog posts are a great way to share your knowledge in a shorter, less formal way than journal articles.  Also, they allow publishing in a more timely manner than monthly or quarterly publications.

So if this sounds compelling, please contact us for more information.